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  You will need the Federal Tax IDs for providers you work with.     Tell me more

The Tax IDs you enter will be matched against Health Plan records to establish your office's relationship with each plan.

  You will be designated as a Security Officer for your office.     Tell me more

A NaviNet Security Officer is the primary contact between your office and NaviNet. Security Officers have the ability to add or deactivate other users from an office, and to set access permissions for specific health plan features.

If you are not the appropriate person in your office to be the Security Officer, please ask that person to register.

  NaviNet will need to authenticate your office.     Tell me more

We can authenticate your office automatically with the following information from an Aetna claim filed in the last 90 days:

- Claim ID
- Servicing Provider NPI
- Member ID
- Member Date of Birth
- Claim Charge Amount

If you do not have an Aetna claim you can still submit your request, and we will contact you to complete your registration.

If you are an Aetna provider, you can do this with a copy of an Aetna Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or claim filed in the last 90 days.

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