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If your office is already using NaviNet, please contact your Security Officer, who will create a NaviNet account for you.

Registration Is Free!  To expedite registration, you will need to provide:

1. Federal Tax ID Tell me more >>

The Tax IDs you enter will be matched against Health Plan records to establish your office's relationship with each plan.

2. A Recently Submitted Aetna Claim (within the last 90 days)

NaviNet will need to authenticate your office.  Tell me more >>

NaviNet will use the details of the submitted claim to authenticate your office.

You will be designated as a NaviNet Security Officer for your office.  Tell me more >>

A NaviNet Security Officer is the primary contact between your office and NaviNet. Security Officers are responsible for adding and deactivating users from their offices, as well as setting access permissions for specific health plan features. Learn more >>

If you are not the appropriate person in your office to be the Security Officer, please ask that person to register.


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